10 November 1861

Elmira [New York]
November 10th 1861

Dear Sisters,

I now take my pen in hand to let you know how we are and what we are doing. We are all as well as usual and I hope these few lines may find you the same. Today we had preaching on the ground and it was good. The wants to be Chaplain or Soldier. Yesterday our regiment was numbered the 85th New York Volunteers and we may expect marching orders soon. When we got back here, we found our uniforms ready for us and now we all have new clothes and they gave us some 6 shooters on the hill and they are nice ones but we do not have much time or chance to try them.

Tell Father my boots go well. We have good weather down here but Tuesday it rained all day and last night it froze quite hard and I was on guard but we had a good fire and time passed well with no signs of the enemy but we kept a sharp look out and saw nothing but one black cat and that was in a hurry. But this is a poor place to write and I am a poor writer and so I think I shall [not] write much more.

Tell Willie to hurry and husk that corn and write me a letter and tell him I was at Royal’s Wednesday and they were all well. Tell the girls to behave themselves and the next time that I write it will be to them.

Tip has not got here yet, Do you know when he will? I think we shall know when and where we are going to go this week. Give my respects to all and remember your little brother, — A. H. B

Elmira, New York