22 November 1861

Elmira [New York]
November 22nd 1861

Dear Sister Myra,

I now take my pen in hand to let you know that I received your kind letter of the 21st and was very glad to hear that you were all well. I am as well as usual and had been out with one of the boys to try our revolvers when I received your letter. We had a very good time shooting at the mark. I am getting so it would not be safe for Jeff Davis to stand 10 rods off before me but I do not know when we shall go away from here but I guess we shall go next week. But there is no knowing anything about it.

Yesterday most all the boys in our company went home and I might have went too but I thought that I would not. Henry C. went home and [Augustus] Gregg. I suppose you have seen them before this time and they are coming back Monday night. I received that picture and think he is quite smart looking if I may judge, but I took it down a story or two so as to manage it. I did not intend to send it back but I will — and in the same way that I received it.

The whistle is blowing for dress parade and I must stop for the present. And now I will write in haste what more I write so as to have it go out tonight as some of our folks are going down town tonight and I will send my pictures to you in my uniform — but they will not be good ones. But they do not take good ones in Elmira.

Our supper is almost ready and so I will not write much more at present. This makes 6 letters that I have wrote this week and you must excuse me if this is not very long or very good. You asked me of we kept warm. We are quite comfortable at present and we had quite a snow storm but it is quite pleasant. Tell Willie if he knows when he is well off, he will stay at home and go to school, for this is not a good place for boys. The Bristol folks sent their boys a pair of gloves and oil cloth cape and they have a sewing circle there for us and I guess we shall not suffer for the present. This is from A. H. B.