26 March 1862

Camp Warren
Washington D. C.
March 26th 1862

Dear Sister Myra,

As it is some time since I have wrote to you, I thought I would try and write you a few lines to let you know how I am getting along and to let you know that the boots have not got here yet and Gust. [Augustus] Gregg had a letter today which states that Dave had not started yet and so I thought I would mention a place for him to leave them at in the City as I could get there sooner than if they were over the river for I have heard that they have advanced and we have been under marching orders for this two weeks. The weather is fine and today is as warm as any May day and the blue birds were singing this morning before sunrise.

I am well and tough as a bear and weigh 153 — good and solid. I have seen Tip. He is about ¼ of a mile from here. Excuse this and when the boots come, I will do better. Give my respects to all and remember your soldier brother. Yours truly, — A. H. B.