12 March 1863

Newbern, North Carolina
March 12th 1863

Dear Sister Susie,

Your long looked for letter has at length arrived and I was glad to hear that you were well and getting along so finely keeping house. I should like to to step in some time when you were mopping, take a good start, and slide across the floor the first four miles and see you go through the bayonet exercise with the broomstick and see if you would do for a soldier’s wife. Do you go to school now? And is there as many as used to go when I did? It does not seem as though they were many left now.

What was the matter with Father when he was sick? And how does he get along this winter now everything is so dear? Does he have all that he can do in the shop? Have the tombstones been bought yet and were they good ones?

There is not much that I can think to write about here. It is the same thing day in and day out—drill and guard duty. It is enough to make once sick of the name soldier but that is my name at present and may be for some time yet. But I hope the time is not far distant when we shall be able to join our friends at home out of hearing of the drums rattle and the cannon’s roar. But I must close for the present. Write soon and remember me as ever, — A. H. Bancroft