28 June 1863

Myra Bancroft directed this letter to her brother William J. Bancroft who was in Michigan.

Shortsville, New York
June 28, 1863

Dear Brother Willie,

It is a long time since I have written to you or received any letter from you and so I thought I would sit down and write a few lines to you. No, I had not forgotten you. I have been up to Edward’s through yearly meeting and came home to stay a little while but I expect to go back next week. They want me to stay all summer at twelve shillings a week and if I go I shall come home once in awhile to stay a few days. The girls do the work and go to school and they get along first rate. Celia has not been any in two weeks. She has been having sore eyes but they are better now and I hope she will be able to go again before long.

We have been to a Sunday School concert this afternoon down to the church. Both the schools from Manchester were there and the house was crowded. I wish you had been there. It would do you good to hear the little ones sing the pieces they learned at our Warner’s school. They are going to have a celebration down to Clifton on the ninth of next month and all the children are going down in teams.

How do you spend your Sundays this summer? Do you go to Sunday School? I hope you will not soon forget the lessons you learned last summer and winter but wherever you are, stick to your Bible and endeavor to live by its preceps as you have been taught. Shun bad company and never do anything you would be ashamed to have your friends know.

I wish you would write to Mr. Jaynes. He would like to have you and it would do you good to keep up a correspondence with him. And now I want to know whether you have got your trunk yet and if you have, how do you like it? How do you get along with your farm and little log house? I hope you will have enough of western life to come home next fall. I do not think Father will want to move out there very soon. He is most too old to go into a new country. He had another attack of the ague last week and if he came out there, I am afraid he would have it all the time.

Monday, June 29th

But I must close this in time to take it to the office. I have got one to send to Albert too. We had one from him last week.

The wind blows very hard today & it takes my paper away once in awhile so you must not wonder if there are some mistakes and bad writing for this is very poor paper to write on. The girls keep up their weekly prayer meeting and sometimes there is only two or three there. You had ought to write to them and let them know you did not forget them. I want you to answer this as soon as you get it. The gravestones came about two weeks ago but I have not seen them yet. Goodbye for this time from your loving sister, — Myra

Where do you expect to spend the Fourth [of July] this year? Willie Canfield is up here to plow out the corn and potatoes. Dave Vandercarr has come home and bought a little place and gone to keeping house. Byron is at home and some other Shortsville boys.