28 November 1863

Albert Bancroft directed this letter to his sister Myra Bancroft in Shortsville, Ontario county, New York.

Plymouth, North Carolina
November 28, 1863

Dear Sister Myra,

Your double letters are all here and the pictures came safe. And as I have a very good place to keep them, you need not look for them right away. The wind blows around the tent tonight as though the snow were flying finally but it is all humbug for it is warm enough here without a fire. Last night and today has been wet and rainy — the first of any amount we have had in a long time. And the negroes say that we shall have a wet winter to pay for it. We have had the nicest kind of weather along back. Not a week ago, I was attacked by a mosquito — the very savagest of his kind. But after awhile, I mastered him and as he was something of a guerrilla, I killed him on the spot. Mournful spectacle. Ah – ah.

Did you have a pleasant Thanksgiving? And was there any sleighing? Did Willie have any duck this year? Has he grown any the last summer? And does he mean to go to school this winter?

But my head aches so bad that I shall have to close for tonight and as there is no news in it, it will not make any difference. Joe & Charley are playing checkers and I can beat them both.

November 29th

Well, here goes for finishing this. For a rarity we have had a wet day. The mail arrives twice today and I get 3 papers from Bristol. The last time I heard from there, Vet had been sick nearly a month. The news today is quite encouraging. Grant has been giving them fits and promises them more. If he can get them cooped, he will be apt to hurt them. Well, I am out of ideas and will simmer. Write soon to A. H. Bancroft