3 April 1863

Annie of the Vale

The bright [young] stars are glowing
Their clear light bestowing
Their radiance fills the calm, clear summer night
Come forth like a fairy
So blithesome and airy
And ramble in the soft and mystic light


Come, come, come love come,
Come ere the night-torches pale
Oh come in the beauty
Thou marvel of duty
Dear Annie, dear Annie of the Vale

This place [the world] we inherit
Is charmed by the spirit
As radiant as the moons midsummer [mild, war summer] ray
The watch dog am [is] snarling
For fear, Annie darling
Her [His] beautiful young friend I’d steal away

Chorus — Come come come

Annie of the Vale ¹
Written by A. E. Bancroft
Shortsville, New York

¹ Annie of the Vale was a song published by H. De Marsan of New York City. The words were by G. P. Morris and the music by J. R. Thomas. Almira seems to imply to her brother that she wrote this piece which she clearly did not.