6 April 1863

New Bern, North Carolina
April 6th 1863

Dear Sister Myra,

Your last was received some time time ago but the regiment has been away from camp and this is the first opportunity I have had in some time and the mail goes out today and this will be apt to go right along. You will see by the papers that enemy has been looking after New Bern and vicinity but they have not done much. Lately we have been digging some and getting ready. I hope they will pitch in and be done with it. They will be apt to get hurt if they come here. The report is that Richmond is in ashes [and] that 7 ironclads are at Charleston ready to bid them good morning at any time. Things look promising at present and I think they will play out soon. One of the boys—T[homas J.] Glenn—has gone home on a furlough. The reason he got it was his mother was not expected to live. Do you know how it is? But I must close or this will not go out tonight. Excuse so short a letter and write soon and the next time I hope to have something to write. We are now under marching orders.

From your loving brother, — A. H. Bancroft