24 April 1864

Myra Bancroft directed this letter to her brother, Albert Bancroft. He may not have received the letter as he was taken prisoner on 20 April 1864.

Shortsville [New York]
April 24, 1864

Dear Soldier Brother,

I received your letter in due time and was very glad to heat that you was still alive and well. I had begin to think you had forgotten us or that you was sick for I had not heard a word from you in two months and I think you deserve a good thrashing for keeping us waiting so long. we looked for  you every day for a long time and we are very much disappointed in not seeing you this spring when so many others have come home on furloughs. I am very sorry you could not have been here when Tip and Frank were at home. They had a nice time. There was a party for them almost every night somewhere. They went back three weeks ago and left their darkie boy here with Enos and they like him very much. I suppose they are back in Dixie before this time.

I had a visit from a soldier the first of this month who came all the way from Baltimore to see me. His friends live in Tackport where I saw him the first time I went out there. He had a furlough for ten days and came here from Tackport and staid two days and then I went to Tackport and staid with him to Mrs. Tennayer’s until he went back. He came with me as far as Canandaigua and then took the other road for Elmira. So you see I am around the country once in awhile. He belongs in the 8th Artillery and is stationed in a fort at Baltimore. If you ever go that way, you must stop and see him. His name is George Webb.

We had a letter from Willie last week. He is well and likes his place there very much. Father sent him a pair of boots last week.

I have been living with Enos Booth’s folks since the first of February. Until the first of this month, I was expecting you home and thought I would not go far from home but when I got your last letter, I made up my mind to go somewhere else. I have got a place near Clifton Springs and have been there a week but I came up home today to see the folks and thought I would sit down and write a letter to you.

I am to have two dollars a week, It is a very pleasant place and not a very large family. They own a large farm but do not work all of it. The man is an assessor and is away from home every day but there is plenty of work to do to keep me out of mischief. They have got two cunning little girls — three and five years old. One of them sleeps with me and says she is Palmira’s girl.

It is very pleasant here today. The little birds sing and the flowers begin to bloom and it seems like spring. We have got two little bossys and we make lots of butter. I wish we could send you some. We had a letter from Aunt Myra a few weeks ago. She was well and wanted to know if we had heard from you lately. I think you ought to write to her once in awhile. I must close for it is most time to go to church. I hope you will answer this soon and not wait so long again.

The folks were all in Farmington the last I heard from them. Nat. H. had a present of a pair of twins the first day of this month — a boy and a girl. Nate M. paid Father that money some time ago without any interest. Mother has gone to Millport to stay a few days. You must write some to her when you write to me. Please direct to Clifton Springs, Ontario county, in the care of Mr. R. Sanger. Please to write soon to your loving sister, — Myra

Albert H. Bancroft
Soldier Brother No. 1